2019 Taipei Art Awards
(Taipei Fine Arts Museum)

Our Container: Raise, Unfold, and to Form a Paragraph.zip 




Pao-Leng Kung’s exhibition features a painting installation comprised of multiple work series. With the exhibition, she extends her creative context, which is constituted of the pictorial space, physical paintings and the “spatial borders” of the paintings. The artist views paintings as objects that unfold different narratives when they are displayed in different spaces and arranged differently; at the same time, she incorporates varying conceptualization of space in different disciplines, such as literature and architecture, into her works to reveal an alternative route to approach painting. In terms of the presentation of the exhibition, the artist blurs the boundary between artworks and the exhibition site, transforming the texture of the space itself. It is as if she is looking for a way of viewing painting, which is concealed yet all-pervasive. The title of the work functions as a lead-in, delineating the imagination about the work with individual words—the entire creative process resembles a process of decompressing digital files, unfolding the intricate layers of a complex system and spreading them out in a light and delicate manner.

(This is a vessel for us; perhaps we are trying every possible way to find the space for you and me to dwell, a possibility for us to be occupied and situated.)


Air vent
Where the space unravels, and sews up
Where the pattern on the ground bricks turn into a squashy painting
Layers and Layers of colours … bring out yellow of the fluorescence

Spectrum of plastics
See the surrounding colours intertwined then splashed

Maybe it’s you who pack these imaginations and unfold in your own eyes
Maybe it’s all about you,           all about containers
It’s like … you can fill an empty glass with warm water, and have them wander along your throat
You grasp it in imagination
You cannot identify, however

An edge with no start, nor the end

Save it, hold it, then put aside