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I've been thinking about what is the suitable way to organise my website.

It is quite unclear if I divide my works into different parts by year.
It is hard to show all the works in this digital portfolio.
        actually       I am old fashioned.

So now, as you can see, I curate some of my works into 1.0, 2.0 ........
In some way, it shows my working process and how I interpret my works.




, MUMU Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

, Zone Art, Taoyuan, Taiwan


: the assemblages of objects which are referencing painting itself
: the poetry made of fluid spaces around an artist
: the leftovers from the edge of painting
: the conversion of the performance directed by the concept of various    containers

引渡回繪畫自身的拼貼組件  創作者經歷的空間組成的詩語句  

在繪畫邊緣上的剩餘物  容器與容器與容器的概念的轉向