Pao-Leng Kung



(1996) (Taiwanese artist) (Nomad)
A /  P



Her recent practise is based on the study of spaces and domestic settings.

She aims to explore the narrow pocket of spaces or to experiment potential use embedded in the mundane objects, fixtures, and architecture through all the body of work. Merging the concepts of house, container and human’s ideal lifestyle forms an approach to unfold subtle possibilities and to blur the boundary of space and art form. 





The focus of the artworks is mainly on painting and pushing it further into spatial installation.

Exploring pictorial and sculptural space within painting, and also painting itself through multi-discipline, such as literature, architecture and philosophy. To interpret painting as object, in the meantime, imagine the spatial border (field) of painting: not a limited space but becoming a space on its own. Then, rigorously to question what does painting contain.




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