(Gene Gallery, Shanghai, China)

#furniture, circulation, settle, location, habitat, moving, personal space, sketch, reshape, layout, belonging, 5 years, 8 places, landscape, room, package, air, scratches

25.136365549938432, 121.47198614232894  Kuandu, Taipei
25.161238343109787, 121.45449812212856  Tamsui, New Taipei
51.48497378517335, -0.12178592871150258  London SW8
51.5520816634655, -0.11368512908398577  London N7
51.4971054218313, -0.23523362698688347  London W6
51.491625581954686, -0.20627250230106364  London W14
25.008758405067326, 121.20677485451832  Zhongli, Taoyuan
                                                            Mapo-Gu, Seoul

31.238290142035375, 121.4879568197723  Shanghai




Like a living space, I can instinctively visualize its layout.
The air conditioner serves as the ear of this space, allowing me to hear the calling of places: the living coordinates of the eight residences I once lived in the past five years.

A personal history of migration.

Collecting the remnants of memories left behind from each move, accumulate a sense of belonging to those places where I have never truly settled.
A single room, an accommodating and stable place. For exchange, scratch left on the wall, then take away one story. Every house and every daily object I have temporarily owned offers an extraordinary brilliance after moving out, which constantly flashes in my mind.
Store them in this space to reshape a new room; the skin of one habitat overlap with another.



關於地方,以及配置、格局、 生活模式。





The unremovable parts within the exhibition space encompass the presence of the viewers. It can be evidenced.

Each turn of movement within the exhibition space forms a repeated circle.

Regarding places, their arrangements, layouts, and ways of life.

The rotting wooden floor, when pried open, disrupts the once stable daily life.

The color of the air. Moments of solitude.

Five notes about rooms and commuting.

The humidity of _, the air conditioner of _, the balcony of _, the curtains of _, the water pipes of _, the debris of _, the stains of _.