Blue House_Blue Nose:Being There
(Taipei Fine Arts Museum(TFAM Plaza), Taipei, Taiwan)
(2022 X-site)

Photo credit: Yuro Huang, Blue House, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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01 弧線和弧形
02 在邊框擠壓滲透
03 透明上的透明
04 上升然後下降的水平線
05 可能的液體和可能的氣體
06 沒有關緊的水
07 日照和空氣的顏色
08 失能的轉折
09 陰影的透明度

Team Profile

The X-site project brings together various souls in Blue House where different disciplines and forms of creation and research are conducted, such as architecture, structure, art, tectonics, planning, theory, painting and social practices. The members cultivate diverse understandings of architecture, mutually attractive and paradoxically heterogeneous, from which fascinating logic and lifestyle may thus be generated out of the give-and-take, speculation, chaos and balance.

Design Team|Blue House

Project Lead|Wei Chieh Kung, Lydia Ya Chu Chang

Designer|Ken Chia Chang, Jia Ying Chiu, Chung Hung, Bérénice Martin, Wei Ke Cheng, Kai Chi Huang, Ming Han Lee, Yuan Fu Chiou, Pao Leng Kung, Hao Wen Lin

Visual|Chih Yi Wu


Director|Yu Ro Huang, Blue House

Original Music|Yun Fang Tseng

Production|Jia Yi Wei, Weir Der Cherng 


Timber Construction|Te Feng Lumber Co., Ltd

Structure| Engineering Consultant, Kuan Fan Chen, Pei Lun Wu

On-site Construction | Tien Tai Civil Engineering Construction, Sheng Long Wood Industry

Lighting|Nine Cloud Division

Paint|Luban Paint Co., Ltd.

Construction Volunteer|Chen Pang Chang, Yi Chi Kao, Ling Wei Chen, Ting An Lu, Shi Wei, Pin Zhen Chen, Yun Rou Li, Huahua Lin, Yi Syuan Lin

Special Thanks/enterprise|Dembolt Enterprise Co.,Ltd., Winsing Art Foundation

Special Thanks/person|Yu Tzu Chao, Mei Feng Chang Liu, Hsin Chen Chiang, Kou Yen Chang, Tsui Ying Lin, Kumay, Hui Wen Yang, Chen Hao Chang, Yu Ting Liu, De Ren Kung