(2020, Taiwan) (during COVID-19)

: what will it be, when art only lives in the virtual world?

: the flatness of world.

: where is painting’s life space?
: where is my life space?
: what is the suitable social distance between my work and viewer?

Motion trail (shadow) | 13.6x30x7cm | PVC electrical insulation tape, mounted grinding head, plastic, velcro tape, mesh fabric, wooden board, wooden frame | 2020 (side view)

The infinite circle | 15x19.5x3cm | Stainless steel, acrylic paint, masking tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, rubber pad, velcro strap | 2020

Closure-related shades | 13.5x27x17cm | Plastic tube, plastic, metal, rubber, acrylic paint | 2020

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